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"Aging with meaning and purpose is at once an opportunity and a challenge to weave the tapestry of our lives"
                                                                                   Geri Marr Burdman

As We Think. . . So We Age

Drawing on her professional background as well as years of cross-cultural and global experiences, Geri Marr Burdman emphasizes the vital importance of seeking purpose and meaning regardless of age, geography, or circumstances. As We Think... So We Age explores life review as a critical pathway to meaningful aging.

With a lively, refreshing writing style, the author reflects upon lessons she learned directly from Dr. Viktor Frankl, world renowned author of Man's Search for Meaning. She shares riveting accounts of people around the world who are discovering significance through living authentically and purposefully in the midst of change, challenge, and chaos.


Joyful Aging

  • Emphasizes the effects of life-long health habits and the interrelationship of mind-body-spirit.
  • Highlights holistic and developmental aspects of aging.
  • Points positive approaches for enhancing quality of life throughout the lifespan. 
  • Explores the search for meaning in aging.


Search for Significance: Finding Meaning in Times of Change, Challenge and Chaos 
  • Maps a proactive route to discover meaning while in the midst of multifaceted challenges of our times - loss and grief, despair, inner emptiness, caregiving, uncertainty about the future, climate changes, even fear of growing older.
  • Offers an opportunity to journey inward to find an inner compass that helps navigate life's turbulence, moment by moment.                     

"Geri Marr Burdman's book will center you in what counts. As you read her riveting stories of people around the world leading meaningful lives, you are compelled to sit back, take a deep breath, savor the profoundly moving insights. You'll roll these images around in your mind, ponder, reflect, and resolve to do things more mindfully."  From Foreword by Sam Horn. 


Healthful Aging

  • Features holistic and developmental aspects of aging.
  • Discusses health and wellness.
  • Describes strategies for maintaining optimal health.
  • Emphasizes the relationship of mind-body-spirit.
  • Points to positive approaches for enhancing  growth throughout the lifespan


For information on workshops and/or purposeful life coaching, please contact:

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